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Very Bad Day inc. is an adventure game, about getting through a very, very, VERY bad day.

It’s a game from startup studio, Bleep Games, which is made up of experienced Games Development lecturers (with degrees and masters degrees in Games Design) , and a number of BA Games Art students & graduates. The project has the dual purpose of creating a fun, awesome adventure game (with a nod to point and click adventure games) and also providing paid internships for Games graduates, and work experience for a large number of Level 3 (A-level equivalent) students in the central London area, across a number of colleges.

  • The main concept takes its inspiration from stories where the central character is having the mother of all days.
  • Another central theme is a conspiracy perpetrated against the protagonist by a shadowy organisation,  although I wont go into more detail than that for fear of spoiling the story !

Here are some of  the films, games & books that have inspired Very Bad Day.

(‘Falling Down’ goes first as this iconic cover also inspired the first bit of artwork for the game)

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