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Kickstarter – how to pledge guide

Not everyone is sure how the pledging in Kickstarter works, so here’s a little guide: (1) No money is taken straight away, so you can pledge with confidence. Earlier is good for us because it builds confidence for other potential…


Grabbed a few Gifs of the reception animations and thought I’d share. The good news for today is I built the project for Mac for the first time!

Walk this way

It’s a shame the digger driver doesn’t get to walk in the demo, but I thought I’d have a look at animating her walking anyway as I think she is my favourite character.

Level layout

The level layout is set out in Maya using colour coded layers to keep on top of things. The level is on a curve, and has been designed so that in engine the main character and camera rotate slightly as…

NPC interaction

Speech Bubbles The original speech bubbles weren’t responsive to the quantity of text inside them and it didn’t look good, so this has now been fixed. Also they didn’t move to accommodate the position of the main character and would…


Kerry has turned her concept art into a great scrap woman character. So I can say goodbye to Mr. Greybox And hello to The Scrapper