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Here are some snippets of the greybox prototype that was developed to give the artists and developers a better understanding of the world they were building for. Expect significant aesthetic changes by kickstarter launch day!

Pig track racing

There’s a robot pig track in the game (of course!). I started the pigs months ago and when it came time to revisit them, they were too simple and in line with how the original style was going to be…

Very Bad Day inc. – About

Very Bad Day inc. is an adventure game, about getting through a very, very, VERY bad day. It’s a game from startup studio, Bleep Games, which is made up of experienced Games Development lecturers (with degrees and masters degrees in…

Bleep Games

The mission of Bleep Games is to create great games whilst also providing Games dev/design/art graduates with paid studio experience. The studio will also provide work experience opportunities for 16-19 year old learners from a number of Further education colleges…