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Name a pig!

One of the kickstarter rewards will be to name a robot-pig that can race. I needed to setup a system that randomly generates shapes and colours for each race, and then picks 4 unique names from an array. The easiest…


Here are some snippets of the greybox prototype that was developed to give the artists and developers a better understanding of the world they were building for. Expect significant aesthetic changes by kickstarter launch day!

Pig track racing

There’s a robot pig track in the game (of course!). I started the pigs months ago and when it came time to revisit them, they were too simple and in line with how the original style was going to be…

Tracks – picker bots

In the demo there will be a number of ‘picker bots’ scanning and picking up discarded components. Getting tracks working in Maya was relatively simple, using Motion Paths>Add to Motion Path. However as is often the case this proved tricky…